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All Modern Store Features Included


User Friendly

100% responsive and optimized. Mobile app like experience in mobile device.

High Page Speed Score

Almost 100% Google Page Speed Score

Privacy Protected

Secured payments with Stripe. Password less and with credential login

Lifetime Update

Easy to implement with existing sites.

Most Probably You Are Getting Best Next Generation Features Ever

Super fast static site serving with Stale While Revalidate (SWR) and instant content update. The best one - It is not required to rebuild static pages/project after any data changes at DB/Word-press end. And within some millisecond the site content will be updated. There is no delay for updates. This is very helpful feature if you thinking about products/price/content update without time gap, which is the most critical issue to implement static site generation for any store website.

  • Fully dynamic Next.js store

    Built with NextJS and GraphQL for blazing fast store experience

  • Quick implementation for existing shop

    Easy to implement with existing sites

  • Fast installation

    20 minutes configuration to production ready site


We convert your WooCommerce online store!

WooComm Next converts your store to a wordpress headless cms store with GraphQL API

Features section:

No limits!

Woocom Next is all-in-one Next js ecommerce solution that builds on the features of headless WooCommerce and Wordpress

Extremely fast and SEO friendly

We use React and Next.js to provide lightning-fast load times and SEO-friendly URLs, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site.

Stunning design for your next store

We know you're not just looking for a content management system, you're also looking for something that looks good — Woocom Next does just that! With a fully responsive design, Woocom Next offers beauty for all screen sizes.

Fast, flexible and dynamic

We have a unique way of making dynamic sites load faster by using the PWA framework and WooCommerce NextJS theme. It focuses on modernising how online shops are done - and you can see the results for yourself.

WordPress without the server setup!

You don't need any server setup or configuration - just upload the theme and you're ready to go. WooComm Next will run solely on Vercel, a globally available CDN with data centers in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Something for everyone

We are proud to offer a professional, customizable and innovative solution for your e-commerce needs. Whether you're looking for a headless WordPress/WooCommerce store or an API, we have you covered.

Build your next store!

The best part about using Wordpress CMS is that it's fully scalable and loads fast. The framework that holds the entire platform together is PWA - Progressive Web Apps.

We help you convert your online shop to headless wordpress cms theme with GraphQL Api

E-commerce solution built completely on Next JS and Wordpress + Woocommerce hosted on Vercel also with GraphQL support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WoocomNext? 

Woocomnext is the cheapest headless woocommerce solution ever. 

2. What is headless woocommerce? 

In headless WooCommerce, you decouple the user interface of WooCommerce from its back-end (database). Instead, you use a custom UI, written in a different programming language like ReactJS, and connect it to the WooCommerce store. The REST API & GraphQL of WooCommerce facilitates the connection between the customized front-end and back-end of the store. With headless WooCommerce, you can:

# use a current technology stack to create the front-end of your WooCommerce site,
# conduct all commerce functions as before, and
# take advantage of the core platform's features for endless customization.

You can use the most modern software development tools with the headless wooCommerce method. As a result, you get a superior online commerce solution in every way. In every manner, including performance, design, and content presentation, Headless is superior. 

3. How Headless Technologies Improve WooCommerce Site? 

Boost Site Performance

Too many plugins, themes, Scripts, Legacy code are slowing down the sites. Here, Headless woocommerce employs the JAMStack framework to enable the separation between front-end and back-end of e-commerce sites. Separate dynamic front-end and deploy this front-end to the CDN and send the compiled static files from CDN to the browser. The JAMStack framework represents the public-facing layer and generates static files for your entire website, which APIs deliver straight to the CDN, and then to the browser. When you build your website, it uses a different environment and generates static files, the database remains untapped. As a result, there’s a significant decrease in page load time. 

Improve Site Security

When you use headless Woocommerce with the JAMStack framework, your entire website is converted into static files with no backend/database connections. As a result, your admin panel remains hidden from the hackers. Aside from that, your front-end and back-end are separated, so hackers only get access to static files, which they cannot crack. The worst that hackers can do is attack your site’s front-end. They might overload it but fail to impact other channels if you have a multi-channel e-commerce shop. It’s like adding more layers to your site so hackers cannot find the primary content source. That’s how you ensure your site’s security. Headless is superior in every way, including performance, design, and content presentation. 

Build Progressive Web App

Progressive web applications (PWAs) have done wonders for Twitter. They saw an increase in their tweets by 75% and pages per session by 65%. When you connect headless woocommerce with PWA, your web app will appear and feel like a platform-specific application (IOS, Android,Window ). Meaning, the online users can then use it on any device like it is built for it. The decoupling technique remains in place when headless woocommerce interfaces with PWA. As a result, you can recreate your website design without interfering with website’s content. 

Scale your business without interruptions. 

When you have a headless WooCommerce website, you may use separation of front-end and back-end to help your business scale. When you update your content database, front-facing site will keep displaying content to users. As a result, there will be no downtime. Having a separate front-end environment allows your website to integrate with almost any type of platform. This enables you to develop superior client experiences using any technology or framework. It can even incorporate augmented and virtual reality, IoT, and other high-end technologies. As a result, you are free to design interesting and ROI-driven site experiences for your target audience. 

4. What kind of businesses should choose headless commerce? 

The flexibility and UX-related advantages offered by headless woocommerce make it suitable for every kind of online business. Because of sophisticated architecture of headless woocommerce systems, businesses may use bespoke APIs to alter content, send warnings, and other features. 

5. What’s special about your headless woocommerce solution?

In our headless solution (WoocomNext), we are providing some special features: 

  • 100% Static Pages # Page loads in 856 millisecond — Blazing fast user experience. # Instant Static page content update without rebuilding the whole application on data/content update at WordPress end. Most crucial features for any e-commerce application. 
  • Progressive web applications (PWAs), it makes your web app look and feel like a platform-specific application (IOS, Android, Window ). Meaning, the online users can then use it on any device like it is built for it. 
  • 100% SEO in pre generated static files. So, you can have real time SEOs. 
  • 97+ Google Lighthouse scores # The cheapest headless wooCommerce solution ever. 
6. What is the % of Static pages you are providing with your Headless Woocommerce solution? 

We are generating all (100%) static pages, even those pages which show dynamic data. It is some special technique/feature of our Headless Woocommerce solution. 

7. How much can you boost your Site Performance using our headless WooCommerce solution? 

In our headless WooCommerce solution, we are serving pre generated Static pages from CDN only. Also, with some special performance tuning & features, most pages are loaded in 856 milliseconds (less than a second). As a result, our headless solution does not cause a delay in page loading. Also, using GraphQL API makes it faster than most REST API based Headless Woocommerce solutions. 

8. How headless woocommerce solutions Enhance Site Security? 

Your entire website becomes a static file in headless Woocommerce — with the JAMStack framework, and static files without back end/database connections. As a result, your admin panel remains hidden from the hackers. What's more, your front-end and back-end are independent. As a result, the hackers only have access to static files, which they are unable to crack. The worst that hackers can do is attack your site’s front-end. It’s like adding more layers to your site so the hackers cannot find the primary content source. All the sensitive API calls are made at server side (Next.js supports server side operation). So our solution is more secure.

9. Which API technology are you using? 

We have used GraphQL API mostly. But somewhere we have used REST API also based on requirement.

10. Is your ecommerce solution a PWA application? 

Yes, we are providing headless woocommerce PWA applications. 

11. Which JamStack framework used here to develop your headless woocommerce solution? 

We are using the best React.js framework — Next.js version-12 and all its features in our headless WooCommerce solution (woocomNext) . 

12. Can I get rid of extra use of plugins in my wordpress by using your headless solution? 

Yes, our headless solution will minimize your WP Plugins uses. Also, in future we will provide more functionality in our headless solution to minimize more uses of plugins. 

13. Is there any Admin dashboard in your headless woocommerce solution to manage woocommerce? 

No, still we have no WordPress Admin Dashboard like module in our headless Woocommerce solution. Also, for stronger security and protection of the WordPress CMS, it should be at the WordPress end. We have a plan to add this in future too. 

14. Is your headless woocommerce solution SEO optimized solution? 

Yes, our headless woocommerce solution is 100% SEO optimized. All pages are pre generated static files with SEO data. There is no runtime generated page content. So that, without delay, SEO data will be available. 

15. Is there any customization option in your headless woocommerce solution? 

In our Headless Woocommerce solution price plan, we have included some theme customization options. But for more customization please contact us. 

16. How much is the cost of customization in your headless woocommerce solution? 

It depends on the complexity of customization. 

17. What plugins are necessary to link WP to your headless woocommerce solution? 
  • Woocommerce
  • WPGraphQL
  • WPGraphQL WooCommerce (WooGraphQL)
  • JWT Authentication
  • Yoast SEO
  • WPGraphQL Yoast SEO 
18. How headless woocommerce solutions will respond to scale up ecommerce? 

When you plan to expand your WooCommerce store, you should worry about:

  • Technology stack,
  • Compatibility of UI with the back-end
  • Mandatory downtime, and
  • Whether the site can crash. 

But, when you have a headless WooCommerce website, you should only think about:

  • The different site versions you can create,
  • Which domains would you publish on?
  • Whether you need another website,
  • How many more storefronts would you need,
  • if you need a mobile application, etc. 

You can use the separation of front-end and back-end to help your company scale. When you update your content database, the front-facing site will continue to render content to the users. For this reason, customers will not experience any downtime. What's more, creating a different front-end environment allows your website to integrate with almost any type of platform. As a result, you may use any technology or framework to create good experiences for your customers. 

19. Is multisite WP supported in your solution? 

Yes, multisite WP integration is available in our headless Woocommerce solution — Woocomnext. This feature is available as custom development. Within a single application multisite data/content will be available. This will reduce your multisite maintenance cost. 

20. Are multilingual features of WP support available in your headless woocommerce solution? 

Yes, a multilingual feature is available. This feature is available with custom plan.

21. If it needs to update product price at WooCommerce end, it needs to rebuild all static pages & it is a very bad idea. How is your headless solution handling this situation? 

In this scenario, we have a unique solution in our headless WooCommerce solution. This is “Instant static file content update”. When any data/content is updated in your connected WordPress CMS, front end site content is updated within 2/3 milliseconds, and the relevant static page is updated at the same time. So, there will be no delay to regenerate static files & also no need to build applications. For CMS data change, no need to build & upload again & again. This is a very crucial feature of any WooCommerce like application where data changes are important. Like price/rate change, showing current stock status. 

22. How much does it cost to develop a headless WooCommerce website? 

The costs of building a headless WooCommerce website vary widely, depending on your needs. We are providing a very cheap solution for all Wordpress site owners. Please check our price plan.


Most Probably Included Best Features Ever

Headless Wordpress

Everything can control from Wordpress dashboard

100% SEO optimized

SEO friendly urls, product titles, meta descriptions, blog

Clean code

Thanks to Next.Js you will get clean and fast code.

WooCommerce PWA

The WooCommerce PWA app allows your store to be a loading page in the form of a mobile app that works offline

Contact Form intergrated

Allow your cusomers send emails easily

Advanced product filtering

Category based product filtering with rating and price filters.


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